Making of “Meds of Honor” (Part I)

Hi people! I’m Pedro Fuentes game designer, and with Sergio Martinez (programmer) we made the game Meds of Honor.


We made the game the previous 44th Ludum Dare edition, the theme was: “Your life is currency”.

With this theme, we thought that one mechanic that was sorely missed in the current shooters was the classic medkits. The health regeneration mechanic applied for the first time on Call of Duty 2 is one of the most used mechanics in action games.  

So we wanted to use this mechanic, with small tweaks… to add a “risk vs. reward” situation we thought it would be cool to add dispensers to get medkits by sacrificing your health.


In this game we didn’t have an artist, so we made simple graphics based on Minecraft and voxel art.

There are a lot of references about the old FPS games in our game (we wanted to remember and pay tribute to the old FPS games that have entertained us for so many hours, as Doom, Half Life and Quake, among others…). Here you can see our art based on the old FPS games:

Health Charger based on Half Life

Medkit based on Duke Nukem 3D

Zombieman enemy based on Doom

Lost Soul enemy based on Doom

End Stage Trigger based on Doom

Continue here with the Part II: Tools and evolution of the game.

If you’re interested, check it out here. The game is available for web browser, Windows and MacOSX. Enjoy!

Thanks for playing!

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