Making of “Meds of Honor” (Part II)

In the previous page I explained the idea and the visuals of the game. In this post I will explain the tools that we used in the game and the evolution of the game.

The Tools

We used Unity to make the game. In this game we didn’t have an artist, so we made simple graphics based on Minecraft and voxel art… All the characters, the environment, etc. are in 3D. To make the enemies and props in 3D we used MagicaVoxel.

Unity and our dispensers.

MagicaVoxel our tool to create the enemies and props.

The Evolution of the game

It is important to focus on the core game and the main mechanics at the beginning, and later, iterate step by step, here you can see the evolution of the game:

First Prototype (focus on the core game: throw medkits and health charger)

Prototype v2 (focus on use the dispensers to get medkits)

Prototype v3 (focus on medkits interaction with the enemies -health overdose-)

Prototype v4 (focus on health charger interaction with the enemies -health overdose area-)

Early version of the game (focus on the enemy ranged with his voxel mesh).

Actual version of the game

If you’re interested, check it out hereThe game is available for web browser, Windows and MacOSX. Enjoy!

Thanks for playing!

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