Making of “NoooooMan” (Part I)

Hi people! I’m Pedro Fuentes game designer, and with Sergio Martinez (programmer) and Daniel Gomez (artist) we made the game NoooooMan.


The idea is inspired by the popular action scenes in movies in which one person sacrifices himself, saying NOOOOOOOOOoooooo and stops a projectile (perfect for the theme “Sacrifices must be made”).

With these scenes, we have a clear overview about the game, the camera position, the character (in front of the camera), the guns, and the civils (innocents), pretty similar to penalty kicks in games.

Concepts and mockups about the game

The evolution of the game

It is important to focus on the core game and the main mechanics at the beginning, and later, iterate step by step, here you can see the evolution of the game:

First Prototype (focus on the core game: character movement and the time behaviour -bullet time-)
Prototype v3 (focus on bullets and guns behaviour)
Early version of the game (focus on the innocents behaviour and win/game over condition).
Actual version of the game

Continue here with the Part II: Visuals and Tools of the game.

If you’re interested, check it out here. The game is available for web browser, Windows and MacOSX. Enjoy!

Thanks for playing!

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