Making of “NoooooMan” (Part II)

In the previous page I explained the idea and the evolution of the game. In this post I will explain the visuals and the tools that we used in the game.

The Visuals

For the concept of NoooooMan, as the main character we made a loser hero, but he tries to do good things and sacrifices his life. We made Noooooman fat, short and with “innocent” colors like white and yellow.

NoooooMan concept by Daniel Gomez

With the civilians, we used as a reference Superman proportions: big hands, huge body, strong constitution, etc. With this, we created a good, strange and hilarious contrast between NoooooMan and the civilians.

Civil concept by Daniel Gomez

We used for the environment references like the Wayne’s Mansion (Batman). With this environment, it is coherent adding the cutlery props like tray and spoons. Also, we did the modular drawers to reuse a lot of pieces and have a lot of variants.

Environment props by Daniel Gomez

At last, we animated the characters using Spine.

Character animations by Daniel Gomez

The Tools

We used Unity to make the game. It’s a game that mixes 2D and 3D at the same time. All the characters, the environment and the guns are in 2D, but the bullet and the trajectory are in 3D. To manage the time (real time and bullet time) we used the plugin Chronos.

All the elements are in 2D, except the bullet.

Sergio Martinez made different custom tools like the GunManager. With this tool, it was easy to create a lot of levels. The tool can detect the number of guns and it’s possible to configure every gun: the trajectory, the point of the bullet impact and the time when the gun shoots.

GunManager, a great tool to create fast the levels.
The tool can detect the point of the impact.

If you’re interested, check it out hereThe game is available for web browser, Windows and MacOSX. Enjoy!

Thanks for playing!

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